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THE FAQS PAGE IS CURRENTLY OPEN FOR QUESTIONS.  2018 Event Questions will be posted here as they are officially responded to. Please submit ALL event questions directly to the Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo Association. Please include your return contact information with your submission. When questions get answered, the Events Frequently Asked Questions will be posted here on the bottom of this page. Before you submit a question please check the questions below as you may find your answer there.


There are two ways to submit your questions:   Questions will be reviewed with the events committee as needed. Events Committee Members: Tony Jordan (Cobb EMC) – Calvin Vallee (ECG) – Bobby Fincher (Snapping Shoals) – Bobby Watson (Marietta Power) – Johnny Wright (Flint EMC) – Ronnie Poston (Cartersville Electric) – Tim Burns (Jackson EMC). All questions will be answered and sent back to you in a timely fashion.  

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Q: J/L event: what size tie wire on hot tie and what size triplex on apprentice event?
A: On Journeyman event #4 aluminum tie wire, and Apprentice will be #2 triplex.
Q: What is the Minimum Approach Distance on the Hot Tie event?
A: 26”
Q: Will the climber who is not assisting with ground work be allowed put climbing tools on during the setup time?
A: Yes
Q: Will a rubber blanket be sufficient as pole top cover and can it be installed by hand providing the phase and insulator are covered?
A: Can’t be put on by hand will get into MAD.
Q: How far will the Meter Pole be from the Transformer pole for apprentices?
A: 15 - 20 ft., will know exactly after build day. See pictures above.
Q: On The Apprentice secondary connector change out what is the spacing on the service racks and transformer bolts and how far away is a service pole set from the primary pole?
A: The secondary spacing will be 18" apart, the transformer will be installed 12" below the neutral and the meter pole will be 15 - 20 feet away. See pictures above.
Q: Will the Apprentice be required to use faceshield and meter puller?
A: No
Q: Define two points of control.
A: One lineman with two hands on stick at all times will be considered one point of control, also two crabs on one pole will be considered as two points of control.
Q: On apprentice event can lineman put on climbers with rubber gloves on?
A: No, after lineman has checked voltage he must remove rubber gloves to put on climbers- he can lay gloves on top of glove bag, gloves cannot be laid on the ground.
Q: On apprentice event, can climbers be put on barehanded?
A: On the apprentice connector change the apprentice must wear leather gloves to set up his event station, after the event has started and once voltage has been checked with a volt meter apprentice may remove and lay his/her rubber gloves on top of the glove bag (gloves cannot be lying on the ground) at this point apprentice may put on his climbers without leather gloves, this is the only time during this event leathers does not have to be worn to put on tools. We do allow putting on climbers without leather gloves, but no other work can be done without leather gloves.
Q: Can a shotgun stick be used to alley out wire?
A: A clamp stick must be used to move a conductor.
Q: On the apprentice connector change out event is there a certain order we need to change the connectors out in or in whichever order we prefer?
A: We are looking for the apprentice to use proper sequence when disconnecting and reconnecting as if this service was energized. Neutral first when connecting and last when disconnecting. WE DON'T WANT TO TEACH OR ALLOW IMPROPER WORK HABITS.
Q: How far will the Meter Pole be from the Transformer pole for apprentices?
A: About 15’
Q: In the apprentice connector change event will the extendo stick be provided? If so what end is used on stick or can end be changed?
A: You will have to provide your own extendo , the end can be changed as long as it’s not home aid.
Q: What kind of connector is used on the apprentice secondary event? And What is the size nut size on the connector? And what is the spacing between the primary and neutral?
A: Blackburn PAA #6 / 1/0 , nut size 9/16 , the spec for this event will be in the packet or FAQ for the rodeo.
Q: It was asked if there will be a sequence checking voltage at the meter base and do relay to judge. I can imagine if not they will just take volt meter and say voltage, (phase to ground voltage, phase to phase).
A: That's what we had in mind. Only requirement is that they use a volt meter and actually go through the process. Also the meter will be pulled and laid on the ground.
Q: On Apprentice Connector Event. While opening the fuse barrel does the extendo stick only have to be off your body? And also do you have to take the fuse barrel down to the ground and send it up again?
A: When operating an extendo stick it must be off your body and ground while end of stick is in contact with anything energized. And yes the barrel must come to the ground and sent back up to energize the transformer.
Q: Which way will the nuts be facing on the Apprentice secondary change out?
A: Straight down
Q: Can you keep your rubber gloves on after you descend the pole to remove your hooks or do you have to go to leather gloves and back to rubber gloves to reinstall the fuse barrel?
A: After apprentice descend the pole he must remove rubbers but all he has to do is lay gloves on top of his glove bag and then finish his routine.
Q: Can a work mat/tarp be used during the apprentice connector change for placement of rubber gloves while tooling up?
A: You can place your rubber gloves on top of your glove bag only, glove bag may be placed on the ground and rubber gloves on top of bag.
Q: Do you have to be in leather gloves to remove your hooks after descending the pole?
A: No
Q: In the apprentice connector change out event can you wear 5000 volt rubber gloves or does it have to be class 2?
A: Class 2