Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if bypassing while on the pole. No work can be done on the ground with hooks on.

The entire neutral must be covered before any work can be done once on the pole (Both sides and the clevis).
The coverup will not be provided. A handline is not required but may be used.
The stick must be in a bag or let back down to the ground.
15KV=28 inches
As long as MAD is maintained.
Yes, once the bag and stick are completely on the ground.
The voltage detector must be on a stick. It does not have to be a separate stick. May not be used by hand.

Yes, no hooks can be on while doing work on the ground.

Material and ties must be made up during the event. Not during the setup time.
The rods must be buttoned, there will be a 2pt deduction for rods not completely made up, or missing rods.
2 tongs and 2 saddles must be used as stated in the event description.

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