APPRENTICE : Service Installation | JOURNEYMAN: Dead End Changeout

See Rodeo Packet for Diagram of Events


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Can the apprentice start with their belt on in the known service installation.

A.  Yes, no work can be done on the ground with climbing hooks on.

Q. How far is the stub pole from the primary pole on the apprentice service installation?

A.  Approximately 30ft diagonal off the quarter of the primary pole.

Q. On the Journeyman #2 Dead end bell changeout, can a set of rope blocks or handline be used instead of an insulated hoist? If so, does the link stick still have to be used?

A. Rope blocks may be used but must used properly with a link stick. A HANDLINE MAY NOT BE USED.

Q. What is the proper way to tie a knot?

A.  See Below:

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