APPRENTICE : Service Installation | JOURNEYMAN: Dead End Changeout

See Rodeo Packet for Diagram of Events


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Can the apprentice start with their belt on in the known service installation.

A.  Yes, no work can be done on the ground with climbing hooks on.

Q. How far is the stub pole from the primary pole on the apprentice service installation?

A.  Approximately 30ft diagonal off the quarter of the primary pole.

Q. On the Journeyman #2 Dead end bell changeout, can a set of rope blocks or handline be used instead of an insulated hoist? If so, does the link stick still have to be used?

A. Rope blocks may be used but must used properly with a link stick. A HANDLINE MAY NOT BE USED.

Q. What is the proper way to tie a knot?

A.  See Below:

Journeyman Questions

Q. Can hardware/material be hung on bag?

A. All material must be on the handline hook or in material bag.

Q. Can hoist webbing be used around the crossarm?

A. Hoist must be used with proper sling or hook. Webbing cannot be used as a chocker.

Q. Can handline/material hang from crossarm brace?

A. Handline and material bags can only hang from the pole or arm itself. Not off braces.

Q. Define M.A.D.

A. M.A.D. is 25 inches from any part of the body including gloved hand.

Q. If blocks are used on the Journeyman known event, does the groundman have to wear rubber gloves if he operates the blocks?

A.  Yes, the groundman will need to wear rubber gloves to operate the blocks.

Apprentice Questions

Q. Can the material bag hang off the under build or does it have to be chocked around the pole?

A. Material bag must be hung from the pole or crossarm.

Q. Does it matter how the connectors are put on and where the triplex ends up?

A.  (specific direction, connectors up or down / triplex on top or bottom, left or right side of under build)All connector and service tails must be uniformed. The connection can be made on either side of the pole and must be done between the end of the tie and tape mark 18 inches out.

Q. When tying half hitches around eye bolt, Can the last hitch include the fall line looped through?

A. Yes the loop can be used in the half hitches.


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